IndieDB, visual style, etc


I just opened an IndieDB page for Nightmare. We have a few screenshots and a short video. You can see The Nightmare from Beyond on IndieDB here.

As I mentioned on the previous vlog, we’ve been working on a visual style. We could try to aim for “realism” but we’re opting for a more stylized visual style. For starters, realism is more difficult to get right, and there are way too many games that will do realism better than us. Second, an interesting visual style can make the game stand out, if done correctly.

Here’s the little one who’s been working on that for the past weeks. She did a lot of reading and even learned a little bit of Unity so she could do what she wanted to do.


This is what we have so far. We still have a lot of work to do, but it’s a start. Personally I am a fan of the whole “film noir” thing, but the downside is that our character would lose all of her beautiful skin coloring:

Image 6


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